Partsam Clear/Blue Long Lasting Strip Light

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Partsam Clear/Blue Long Lasting Strip Light

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( 10 ) 6 Slim Line LED Utility Strip Lights 12 diodes Clear/Blue Long Lasting Strip Light -- a Multi Purpose Solution --Submersible - 100% waterproof...


<p>Partsam (Pack10) 6 12 diodes utility strip bar Lights - Clear/Blue; Black rubber gasket included for mounting to all surfaces. Excellent for lighting or decorating interior and exterior of boats, RVs and other vehicles. Surface Mounting for Easy Installation. Low Amp Draw For Longer Battery Life. 12Diodes Provides Maximum Light. They measure 6 from side to side and 1 wide.Two bare end wires, separate lead wire and ground wire;Long Lasting Strip Light is a Multi Purpose Solution. This light mounts to a flat surface needing only the 2 screws to penetrate the mounting surface; They can be used virtually anywhere you need light and can connect to 12v power.</p> <p>This listing is for the 6 Blue color(Clear Lens). Other colors / length are also available:</p> <ul> <li>4 LED colors available: Red, Green, Blue,White,Amber</li> <li>8 LED colors available: White, Green, Blue,Red,Amber</li> </ul> <p>Package included: 10 x 6 Blue Utility Strip Light(Clear Lens)</p>

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